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Flavours of our land

Near The Suites of Puerto Sherry you can delight your palate with the best flavours of our land. Take a look at the variety of gastronomic offers available in our surroundings.
Gastronomy - Las Suites de Puerto Sherry
La Terraza Restaurant is located in the emblematic Puerto Sherry Hotel facilities, and its doors are open to the public. Here you can indulge your senses and pay a real tribute to your palate. Enjoy the best flavours of our land with quality products. Located in front of the marina, La Terraza Restaurant offers breathtaking and privileged views of the Bay of Cadiz and the marina. At this wide outdoor terrace with a pool, you can relax in the open air in an exclusive surroundings and with premium services. Is the perfect place to enjoy any type of celebration or event. Follow our chef’s suggestions and don’t miss out our best dishes: flower squid, sea bass on Peruvian ceviche, and sardine toast with picogallo with rosemary oil.

La Terraza Restaurant

Traditional Mediterranean cuisine

Gastronomy - Las Suites de Puerto Sherry
Aestribor is a family company, created by 6 brothers. Here you will find dishes “Like the ones your grandmother would put you on”. Aestribor cuisine is based on a traditional/Mediterranean style, and it offers a wide gastronomic offer: seafood, meat, fish, assorted starters, and homemade desserts.

Aestribor Puerto Sherry

Mediterranean homemade cuisine

Gastronomy - Las Suites de Puerto Sherry
Crabby’s Coast Food offers dishes from fun, tasty and original cuisine, with Cadiz and Andalusian roots but with an important international, Asian, and American influence. Here you can enjoy the best international and Mediterranean cuisine.

Crabby's Coast Food

American, Seafood, International, Mediterranean, Street food

Gastronomy - Las Suites de Puerto Sherry
If you want to discover new proposals where imagination and good products go hand in hand, David Méndez, from Arriate Restaurant, is in charge of this elaborate cuisine proposal. Berdó is located at the foot of Puerto Sherry. If you are looking for a fun proposal to eat differently, this is your place!


Cooker kitchen

Gastronomy - Las Suites de Puerto Sherry
The Casa Ricardo Restaurant has a varied gastronomy, with local dishes made with quality products and at a good price. They offer fabulous treatment and a unique maritime atmosphere.

Casa Ricardo

Fish, seafood, rice and chef's suggestions

Gastronomy - Las Suites de Puerto Sherry
El Fondeo restaurant is an establishment with a marine and family essence, located in the heart of Puerto Sherry. Its specialty is the "pescaito frito" (fried fish), so typical in our area. They offer traditional Mediterranean cuisine, surrounded by artisan decoration. Also, if you fancy a drink after dinner, you can take advantage of its magnificent terrace.

El Fondeo

Traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Fish specialty

Gastronomy - Las Suites de Puerto Sherry
At Latitud 36º you can enjoy traditional breakfasts and a wide variety of beers, coffee, and drinks. Enjoy a maritime atmosphere with a breathtaking landscape. Also, you can benefit from exclusive discounts for being a member of the Puerto Sherry Yacht Club. Visit Latitud 36º!

Latitud 36º CN Puerto Sherry

Breakfasts, Gin tonics

Gastronomy - Las Suites de Puerto Sherry
Referente was born as a distributor of products for the hospitality industry, and it offers a small gourmet corner where anyone can buy prepared products to take home. In our facilities we carry out tastings and organise private events (booking in advance) with a capacity of up to 12 people.


Small gourmet corner

Gastronomy - Las Suites de Puerto Sherry
If you want to eat some pizza or pasta, you can do so in Puerto Sherry! Since 1993, the Blanca Paloma restaurant has offered the best of Italian gastronomy with its most representative dishes and, of course, spectacular views of the beach.

Blanca Paloma

Italian cuisine