Located in the Marina, The Suites of Puerto Sherry takes advantage of its location to offer a wide variety of leisure plans and access to the main tourist attractions. We are only 20 min away by car from Cadiz and Jerez, and only 20 min away on foot from the centre of the city. Take a look at the places near us that you can visit.
Las Suites de Puerto Sherry
We have the best beaches of Puerto de Santa María near The Suites of Puerto Sherry: La Muralla Beach and Las Redes Beach. Located only 10 minutes away by foot from the hotel, La Muralla Beach will surprise you with its fine golden sand, its calm waters, and the restoration around it. It is located between Puerto Sherry and the old Santa Catalina Castle, a magnificent fortress from the 16th century. Over 3 km long and with the best atmosphere of Puerto de Santa María, Santa Catalina Beach ends at Fuentebravía, and consists of several beaches: Buzo Vistahermosa, Cangrejo Rojo, Las Redes, El Ancla, and El Manantial.


Las Suites de Puerto Sherry
San Marcos Castle was built from an Arabic mosque, from which it maintains its Almohad style. To this day, it conserves the archers, the quibla wall, the columns of the period, and its schiffed vaults. After the Reconquista, the building was transformed into a fortified church, with four towers and columns for its protection and reinforcement of the walls with the remains of a nearby Roman temple.

San Marcos Castle

Las Suites de Puerto Sherry
La Victoria Monastery was built under the Dukes of Medinaceli’s command in the early 16th century, to host the Minim Friars of San Francisco. The Monastery is noted for its church, the cloister and the good preservation of its chapter rooms, which show elements from the Gothic and the Renaissance style that was imposed after the start of its construction. After the ecclesiastical confiscations of Mendizábal, the building was secularised and used for different public purposes, such as a prison.

La Victoria Monastery

Las Suites de Puerto Sherry
Puerto de Santa María has an important bullfighting tradition, and since the 18th century it has held these types of events in different parts of the city. The current Bullring was built in 1880 with a shape of regular polygon and a diameter of ninety nine metres with room for more than twelve thousand spectators. Is one of the biggest bullrings in Spain. Both the inside of the bullring and its museum can be visited daily.

The Royal Bullring

Las Suites de Puerto Sherry
Main Prioral Church represents the biggest religious temple of the city. This magnificent monument started its construction in 1486, promoted by the Dukes of Medinaceli, lords of the city since the 14th century. The original design was in Gothic style, as seen in the spectacular Puerta del Perdón located in the facade. The church is noted for its beauty and the height of its naves, for its numerous chapels, and for its Neoclassic style pavilion. Its interior is notable for its many interesting pieces, such as the choir stalls, and the important number of paintings, sculptures and precious metal works. The church has recently received the category of Basilica from Pope Francisco, which will mark it with the signs of papal dignity and its union with the Holy See.

Main Prioral Church